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Technical Analysis: Mini Alt Season Confirmed?


We’ve recently seem some impressive pumps, particularly on Binance, which has led many to believe we may begin to see a mini alt season. We will break down and analyse why I think this may be the case.

Mini $ALT SZN has been confirmed:

This Alt Dominance analysis illustrates that we have witnessed a double bottom on the dominance chart. With $BTC currently ranging — we can expect to see a break of 43.55% within the next Week.

$BTC dominance

Currently facing resistance at 56/57% as a result of the constant ranging of Bitcoin — A break above 57% would see it flying back to 58%.

Below, we have found that $BTC is slowly edging higher to reach $7930 — a move such as that would see 58% thereby causing ALL alts to fall back into their hole — except LINK.


Accumulation is slowly rising — reaching levels seen at $7930- illustrating that the market is begging to go there.

Bulls are currently winning the fight — especially as we saw a dip below and an immediate bounce once we went under $7488.

Currently on its way to test $7750 — a break above it would revisit $7930.

This would cause all Top Market Caps to bounce once we see $7930 with a wick to the lower $8100’s.

Historically we see a bounce of 3–4% on the Top Market Alt Coins.


Ethereum lost its confidence the past 24 hours as it touched the top of the range at $258 before falling down to the bottom of the range at $233.

Following a dip and bounce to the upside — it follows the same pattern as $BTC — it is going to test the 55MA — a break of which will see it face $251–53. Currently there are some heavy sells in that area.

Accumulation is rising at the same pace of $BTC and it the same value whenever we see over $246 — .

Expectation to see a close above $246 today.



A dollar cost average between 262 Sats and 251 Sats would be viewed as wise.

Every dump has been immediately brought up over the past week —

We saw that double bottom with a breakout and a test of the support — now in accumulation.

A move to 351 Sats is more than expected.


A coin to shock you during the course of the next month:

We have witnessed another bottom — making it a triple bottom at 1.4K Sats

Accumulation has just touched its local all time high.

A break of the 90MA at 1.5K sats would see it going to 1.7K Sats

A break of that level will see it touching 1.9K with a fall back to 1.7K sats to test the support before it goes 40% higher.

Be careful with this coin — it could be a MarketMaker playing around with the charts.


BROKE out of its accumulation levels with it flying past the 90MA A break above 713 sats would see it next going to above 1K Sats A breakdown and rejection of 713 would see 603 coming next into play. Declining wedge — likely to see 600 sats before moving.

It is expected to see a mind-altering Moon as we witnessed late last year in 2018.

A dollar cost average between 713 and 600 will be considered as highly intelligent in 2 Months time.


Expecting a pullback to fill the gap at 4.3K Sats — based on the immediate but up once we saw a dip to 4.2K — this is becoming increasingly less lijely.

A break to the upside will be occuring shortly to re-test 5.9 Sats — a break of this level will see 6.6K Sats within one wick.

Stay tuned for a mother of all breakouts.


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