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Moonscape is a crypto tracking companion app designed to provide crypto investors and traders with all the tools they need. One of the ways they achieve this is notify users at crucial moments of their trades and alleviate any stresses that arise from having to check tracking apps too frequently.

A good example of this is the candle close feature which will notify a user when the candle closes on their specified time frame. This a great tool for any trader who’s looking for confirmation of a setup without having to be constantly monitoring the chart.

Crypto Malone has reviewed the UX of the app and given a thorough overview of the project which you can read about here.

I sat down with Adrian, the creator of Moonscape, to discuss this project further:

What is your job title and how did you start working for Moonscape?

I’m founder and creator of Moonscape and I started working on Moonscape back in December 2017.

What do you believe is unique about your platform that sets you apart from your competition?

It’s very early in the crypto space. There are lots of teams tackling different angles of the crypto market, and we see an opportunity in providing tools that make traders and investors better at what they do.

Right now we have faster price alerts than any other service, our user interface is simpler, and we really listen to customer feedback and work it into the product. As time goes on and we learn more and more our product will change and adapt to meet the needs of our users.

We’re humble to the fact that we’re on a journey of learning what users need in the crypto space. And we’re sensitive to that. We have ideas about what those things are, and we’re working hard to develop and release them.

We want to learn what our users really get value from. While building a product I believe you have to suspend your ego and really listen to what new and existing users are saying they need from you.

The decision was made not to seek any funding for your project. Was part of this thinking you wanted the passion and dedication of the team to show in the final product?

Absolutely. We decided not to seek external funding to help us avoid conflicts of interest in the future. Our vision is to create a product that really helps users be better traders and investors in the market. When you raise external funding oftentimes the core philosophy is grow as fast as possible.

We’ve seen in Silicon Valley that this usually leads to selling customer data and other not-so-great-for-users business practises. We don’t want to go down that path. It will probably take us longer to get where we’re going but if we find that balance between offering enough value and capturing enough value we’ll have a great business.

You can download Moonscape on the App Store

Candle-close alerts are a key feature for your platform – do you have any plans to release any other exciting features?

Yes! We have lots of ideas in the pipeline and we’re analysing how users are using the app to help inform what we prioritise. Technical Indicator alerts is a big one we’re working on. Another is being able to see your active exchange orders in-app. We’ve just recently released a big performance improvement update that gives us a great foundation upon which we can keep building.

We’re on the fence about adding a portfolio tracking feature because there are so many apps that do that already but we’ll see if it becomes something users start asking for.

We’ve also started to release and improve crypto calendar events so you can be notified when there is an upcoming market event like a main net release or a fork that could impact and inform your trading.

In a recent poll Moving Averages were voted for by the community to be added to your indicator alerts. Do you plan on using the community to decide what features will be implemented on your platform?

For sure! Paul Graham’s mantra of “make something people want” is something that resonates with us and so we’re always open to speaking with users and people in the crypto space to understand pain points and opportunities. That will always inform our product roadmap. We have a dedicated Telegram group for people to come and ask questions and share ideas.

Candle close alerts are a popular feature

You have a Pro version which is currently priced at £4.99. Can you explain the benefits of subscribing to the paid version?

The paid upgrade gives you full access to everything in the app right now and all future feature releases. That includes the full suite of alerts (price alerts, % alerts, candle-close alerts and future indicator alerts). We have full-screen TradingView charts in the app too.

If you’re an active trader the PRO features will add a lot of value to your trading plus the time saved not having to stare at charts all day or worrying  you’ll miss a move. Moonscape alerts will have you covered!

We’re always working to improve the app and users upgrading helps support  and keeps us honest to ensure we’re providing value to our customers. We have lots of cool features lined up for both PRO and non-PRO versions coming up soon.

Is there any other interesting news you can share with us?

We just released a big performance improvement update for both iOS and Android. We’ve done a great job at getting the app to a really good place  performance-wise and users are loving it. We want to grow the app and focus on building the most valuable features for users.

If you’re a crypto trader or investor, join our Telegram group and let us know how we can help you. We’re building this for you and we’d love to hear from you.

I’d like to thank Adrian for his time.

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