NEXTProjects launches in Early Access and proceeds with Dutch National Bank registration.

  • rolls out Early Access and breaks 30,000$ pure volume in the first few days. 
  • Runs a successful community crowdfunding campaign to register with the Dutch National Bank. the hybrid EU based cryptocurrency exchange. 

NEXT is a hybrid exchange that combines aspects of centralized and decentralized exchanges for a powerful combination. It is not uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges to have their own native asset which unlocks some utility, typically lower trading fees and participation in IEO, but NEXT actually goes a step beyond its competition by having produced a fully decentralized Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake Blockchain to host its native crypto asset and ultimately be home to a fully decentralized version of 

A successful Early Access launch leading into a public state. 

Last week saw the release of in Early Access mode for anyone that wishes to participate and test out the platform’s functionality. So far close to 100 users have been onboarded to the platform and generated over 30,000$ trading volume, with more users to be onboarded this week. currently provides BTC, ETH, NEXT, USD, and EUR pairings and will soon list their first asset. The team previously disclosed on their official blog that their listing preferences lay with projects that have strong, growing communities. 

Successful crowdfunding campaign to register with the Dutch National Bank. 

The Early Access launch of coincided with a community crowdfunding campaign consisting of an allocation of 125,000 NEXT coins from the teams’ development wallet, the end goal of which being to secure funding for registering with the Dutch National Bank (recently, they released a statement calling all cryptocurrency exchange business that handle crypto to fiat operations and or act as crypto custodians to register with the DNB or crease operations by May 18th). The successful campaign can be seen as a demonstration of solid community support and demand for NEXT products and a new exchange with a legitimacy status in the eyes of regulators, which is imperative for continuous operations and client asset security. 

Due to heavy expression of demand from both the NEXT community at large and enthused Early Access participants, the NEXT team announced that they will be allocating an additional 125,000 NEXT coins for sale to fuel development and marketing related activities in preparation for their full launch. 

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