NKNWallet with Amir Ansari


NKNWallet with Amir Ansari

“One of the problems with different blockchain platforms is not giving enough attention to UI and UX. Most of them hire expert back-end developers and they don’t really care about the design”

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As those of you who have read NKN: The Primer and my recent interview with NKN Founder Yanbo Li, are already aware, I have spent a great deal of time exploring New Kind of Network, and engaging with their community. This, on reflection, is largely due to fact the network currently supports thousands, and theoretically supports millions of consensus nodes. As a believer in decentralization and peer-to-peer technology (which after all is what Bitcoin is), the appeal of a massively scalable P2P network, which disrupts something as fundamental as Internet routing, is tantalizing. After all, if information is power, then whoever controls the flow of information is like to a god.

Strong community and development will be paramount to NKN’s success and in that vein I am happy to share with you my review of NKNWallet, a community driven project, with lead dev Amir Ansari.

The aim of NKNWallet, in Ansari’s words, is to provide “a modern and beautiful design with suitable user interface to make users feel comfortable with the app, and also make it easy for other developers to contribute and develop the project.” 

The web wallet is just that, and has no information regarding team members or anything else. You go there and on landing you are invited to create or restore an NKN wallet. Consequently I had a bunch of questions for Amir which he answered quickly.

The slick NKNWallet web wallet, and it is just as good looking and simple to use as Ansari promises, the NKNWallet github, and the NKNWallet twitter are currently the three hubs of activity. As supporters of NKN they have done two NKN giveaways on twitter, and as developers they have more slick products in the pipeline. 

NKNWallet mobile app preview

Amir shared previews of two of these upcoming products for NKN, the mobile wallet and the Chrome plugin. The Chrome plugin is modelled after Metamask which given NKN Mainnet will support smart contracts, is a an important tool for NKN users. Looking to the future Ansari says, “In the first step, we want to prepare all the products for the implementation of dapp (browser extension , phone wallet ) ,because users should be able to easily communicate with the dapps”

NKNWallet Chrome plugin preview

NKNWallet is funded through donations, and specifically those from the NKN Team who clearly endorse the work of the NKNWallet team. Amir and his team have toyed with the ideas of in-app advertising or in-app purchases for feature upgrades, possibly for future revenue streams.

Clearly when using a 3rd party wallet security is of greatest concern. When I addressed this issue with Amir he responded “Our products are open-source and everyone is able to read and contribute with the project.” . Additionally the team is in regular contact with the NKN team who also fund them, Amir stating “We talk with their CTO and Founders, about our future plans and financial issues. They’re supportive.”

Security on a network level is what makes good 3rd party wallet so important. DOS attacks against Ethereum’s Geth wallet in 2017 did not affect the Parity wallet, and this proved vital in reducing damage and for Ethereum’s recovery, as is detailed in the article, Defeating the Ethereum DDos Attacks

NKNWallet’s team comprises devs in Turkey, Netherlands and Iran. They found each other “on twitter and did many project to know and find the abilities of each other. We use team management service like freedcamp for better communication”, explained Amir. 
We have gained enough experience in designing and building wallets and dapps in the past year” he continued, but was reluctant to detail his colleagues’ curriculum vitae, instead commenting “yeah we already building like mytron wallet or nos dapp. But i do not want to be a resume of my team [because] we were gaining experience”. Amir reassured me more information would be added to their website soon. He shared this team photo, which does not appear on their website.

Why did these developers decide to build on NKN?

“they [NKN] have a really good idea (you can see IOTA use a similar algorithm), also they have a good team and we wanted to help them to create new kind of the world”

And do you believe NKN will one day have millions of nodes?, I asked. The reply came quickly, “Absolutely, they’re growing so fast and I’m sure they’ll achieve even more than that”

Amir Ansari is focused on a beautiful, simple UI for his team’s products. What we’ve seen so far attests to this, and now we also understand the importance of 3rd party wallet development, not just to make a great first impression on a user, but to further decentralize and secure a P2P blockchain 

As I complete this article I cannot help but reflect on the fact that at least two of the NKNWallet team are from countries which have experienced unusually high levels of state censorship in the recent past. Indeed members of the NKN team are not dissimilar int his regard. Having said that, these days it makes little difference where one is from: the flow of information is not controlled by the people.

But for how long?

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