PaperCoins Newsletter: Ocean Protocol


Welcome to the second edition of the PaperCoins Newsletter where the community’s favourite crypto projects get reviewed. For this week’s crypto review we have Ocean Protocol or $OCEAN.

You can trade $OCEAN on Kucoin.

You can find more information on Ocean Protocol at the following links:


The Review:

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is supported by a Singapore based non-profit foundation, whose mandate is to ensure open access to the protocol and platform, provide data governance, encourage the network ecosystem growth and take measures to ensure that the platform becomes ever more decentralized with time.

We bring together decentralized technology, a trust framework, and an ecosystem for data and related services. This allows for data to be shared while guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and privacy to enable data owners to maintain control of their data assets and access a wide range of marketplaces and services.

About PaperCoins

PaperCoins is a fundamental research platform for giving in-depth analysis on blockchain projects. It combines experts in different fields to produce one cohesive document to fully analyse a project. This ranges from how experienced the team is, to the UI/UX or the project and even reading through the github code to find any discrepancies.

You can find PaperCoins on Twitter.

You can read more of his work, like this Ocean Protocol Review on The Daily Chain here.

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