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One of most viable blockchain solution upgrades to existing EU eDelivery


Exchanging sensitive data, documents or digital assets should ideally be as simple and straightforward as exchanging any other form of information. However, up until now the task has been challenging and laborious. 

Blockchain is a clear contender to solve this problem due to its immutability and ability to facilitate privacy. Thus, 4thpillar technologies (4thtech) created a blockchain eDelivery protocol, known as FOURdx, which provides a fast, secure and cheap means to exchange sensitive electronic data and documents using blockchain technology. This technology can replace the existing distribution services while reducing costs and increasing trust. 

In May 2018 DR. Tali Rezun was awarded the Beyond 4.0 award by the Adriatic council for his scientific and technological innovation regarding the 4thtech blockchain platform. The European Union is embracing blockchain technology, which shows great potential. 4thtech are now taking it a step further with their latest proposal – developing a blockchain eDelivery crossplatform client that works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even two mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

By creating a cross platform eDelivery client 4thtech hopes to further improve the accessibility of their existing blockchain eDelivery solution by making it simple to use on any platform. The project aims to deploy a cross-platform client and a digital service infrastructure (DSI) with a unique Access Point. 

A unique access point is required to make the concept compliant with the DSI and policy objectives. The current eDelivery solution, known as Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), is based on a model where the Access Points of eDelivery implement an electronic data and documents exchange protocol which ensures secure and reliable data exchange. The connection of two public administrations’ Access Points to exchange electronic data exchange establishes trust. With a blockchain based solution interaction can happen directly with the blockchain, so there is no interaction required with the receiving access point. 

The client will be first deployed on the Slovenian National Blockchain Test Infrastructure (SI-Chain), providing a testing framework for future blockchain eDelivery. This will support the development of blockchain eDelivery and will help build the foundations for safe, reliable cross-border digital eDelivery services. Main SI-Chain private partner Telemach, a telecommunication company, already ensures nodes on its infrastructure and lead publicity. This project will be promoted at EU events and conferences in collaboration with European blockchain partnership and also within the UNECE Chain project.

A consortium has been formed between 4thtech and HashNET, which is supported and approved by the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration. Together the consortium entered the ‘European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency 2020 CEF Telecom Call – eDelivery’ to present their blockchain eDelivery cross-platform client development plan. 

The cross-platform client will contain the following modules: 1) smart contract; (2) JSON metadata schema; (3) electronic data and documents repository; (4) RSA public key repository; (5) blockchain wallet identity mechanism; (6) cross-platform eDelivery desktop client, and; (7) mobile cross-platform eDelivery client.

Smart contracts

Currently smart contracts are used to exchange and manage specific transactions. The new upgraded eDelivery smart contract will be able to record and manage a lot more data which enhances efficiency and data security. 

JSON metadata schema

JSON, or “JavaScript Object Notation”, is a simple data interchange format. JSON is great for concisely describing the surface structure of data and automating the process of validating data against it. However, it cannot contain arbitrary code, which means there are some constraints on the relationships between data elements that can’t be expressed. By modifying the JSON file data structure 4thtech plans to rectify this issue. 

Electronic data and documents repository

A repository is where data is stored and accessed. GDPR specifies that as data is processed the service should be capable of deleting personal or sensitive data on demand to meet privacy requirements. 4thtech’s proposed solution will allow the sender to host their encrypted sent data in the data repository of 4thtech, which will enable these guidelines to be met. 

RSA public key repository

RSA is one of the first public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for secure data transmission. The current blockchain eDelivery protocol uses the advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption algorithms. 4thtech proposes an upgrade to the existing solution, by separating the RSA public key repository and platform.

Blockchain wallet identity mechanism

There is a constant need for online identity verification, and despite the move towards digital transactions, there is still the need to use physical identity documents. Blockchain could be the solution. 

4thtech’s existing blockchain eDelivery identity mechanism FOURid offers the establishment of blockchain-based individual digital identity and allows user wallets to become verified and authenticated. The proposed upgrade will focus on identity verification between organization and individual to make further improvements. 

eDelivery desktop client

The updated desktop client aims to have the following:

  1. Electronic data and documents encryption
  2. Desktop wallet interface
  3. Desktop wallet interface backup mechanism
  4. Electronic data and documents exchange
  5. Electronic data and documents repository location option
  6. Transaction fee module
  7. Account settings module

Mobile cross-platform eDelivery client

Based on the desktop client, the mobile client will contain many of the same features with the addition of biometric backup and verification options, as mobile devices support superior biometric sensors compared to desktop computers. The mobile client will mainly be used for data encryption, exchange and to store electronic data externally on data repositories. 


4thtech are proposing a blockchain eDelivery cross-platform client that will further improve upon their existing solutions to make the exchange of electronic data easy, safe and secure. This client will also be available on mobile to extend accessibility. The overall aim is to improve eDelivery throughout Europe using blockchain.

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*This article has been written in collaboration with the 4thtech team. The Daily Chain encourages you to carry out your own research before you make any form of investment and educate yourself about how to stay safe in the crypto space.

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