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Welcome to the second edition of the PaperCoins Newsletter where the community’s favourite crypto projects get reviewed. For this week’s crypto review we have Mainframe or $MFT.

You can find more information on Mainframe at the following links:


Mainframe Coin Review
Mainframe Review


According to Coinmarketcap, Mainframe can be described in the following way:

Mainframe (MFT) is a platform for decentralized applications. The Mainframe network enables applications to send data, store files, and manage payments.

The project bills itself as the ‘the messaging layer for the new web’. The MFT ERC-20 token can used as a medium of exchange within the platform.

For some background on the Mainframe project you can refer to the Abstract from their Whitepaper:

Weaknesses in existing Internet protocols make it impossible to provide robust network security. Mainframe is an incentivized and fully decentralized communications layer that enables reliable, secure packet routing, packet delivery, packet holding, file storage and data services. Its security model not only provides encryption, but also resistance to censorship and surveillance. A detailed description of the Mainframe platform, incentivization model, token economics, and development roadmap is provided.

About PaperCoins

PaperCoins is a fundamental research platform for giving in-depth analysis on blockchain projects. It combines experts in different fields to produce one cohesive document to fully analyse a project. This ranges from how experienced the team is, to the UI/UX or the project and even reading through the github code to find any discrepancies.

You can find PaperCoins on Twitter.

You can read more of his work, like this crypto review Mainframe on The Daily Chain here.

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