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Welcome to this weeks edition of the PaperCoins Newsletter where the community’s favourite crypto projects get reviewed. For this week’s crypto review we have Phore or $PHR.

You can trade $PHR now on IDAX.

Find more information on Phore at the following links:


The Review:

Phore, PHR

More on Phore

Phore (PHR) is a scalable, secure, and flexible platform being built to empower individuals, businesses, and the cryptocurrency industry. Alongside this, a decentralized application ecosystem is being created in order to challenge industries in which users are suffering as a direct result of centralization. Ecommerce and crowdfunding are two examples of industries being challenged by Phore, where centralization has lead to huge problems such as mass censorship and significant data leaks. The Phore Decentralized Marketplace already allows for free commerce of physical or virtual goods and services, and will soon have support for Cryptocurrency trading. Design has begun to support fully peer to peer, decentralized and censorship-resistant crowdfunding, as one of the next major additions to Phore’s suite of cryptocurrency-powered end-user applications.

Read more Phore content on The Daily Chain:

The Daily Chain: Exclusive Phore Interview with CEO Mike Trisko

About PaperCoins

PaperCoins is a fundamental research platform for giving in-depth analysis on blockchain projects. It combines experts in different fields to produce one cohesive document to fully analyse a project. This ranges from how experienced the team is, to the UI/UX or the project and even reading through the github code to find any discrepancies.

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You can read more of his work on The Daily Chain here.

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