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Welcome to this weeks edition of the PaperCoins Newsletter where the community’s favourite crypto projects get reviewed. For this week’s crypto review we have Stakenet or $XSN

You can trade $XSN now on Livecoin.

You can find more information on Stakenet at the following links:


The Review:

More on Stakenet

Stakenet is a platform providing a trustless interchain economy on a Proof of Stake blockchain, with Lightning Network, Masternodes, and DApps such as a Lightning DEX. It is connected to other blockchains through Lightning Network, and strives to provide a highly secure cross-chain platform for cryptocurrencies where individuals can easily operate with any blockchain simply by using XSN.

Stakenet aims to offer the ability to build code-agnostic DApps on top of it, all of which will be powered by XSN Masternodes that earn and collect fees for the services they provide.

Taken from Coinmarketcap

About PaperCoins

PaperCoins is a fundamental research platform for giving in-depth analysis on blockchain projects. It combines experts in different fields to produce one cohesive document to fully analyse a project. This ranges from how experienced the team is, to the UI/UX or the project and even reading through the github code to find any discrepancies.

You can find PaperCoins on Twitter.

You can read more of his work, like this Stakenet Review on The Daily Chain here.

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