Pirate Chain Fires Big Updates


It’s been a busy couple months for Pirate Chain (ARRR) and the team have just published a substantial update on their website.

Pirate Chain is the first crypto-currency to enforce anonymous z-transactions by default to better protect a user’s privacy. So what have the pirates been up to lately? Not sitting around and drinking rum is the answer in short.

The update, published today, details the following:

  • Pirate Chain’s integration into Komodo’s atomicDEX, dubbed zAtomicDex or ARRRtomicDex. Integrating Pirate Chain’s unique privacy features into the decentralized exchange will provide a first in crypto: anonymous swaps between any trading pairs
  • The launch of Pirate OS, a privacy-focused operating system which will boot from a USB stick. Pirate OS “innately protects your connection via Tor and VPN”andwill come in two flavors. GhostShip will offer Pirate OS and Pirate Chain wallets, and Galleon will ship with more tools including a “proprietary privacy-first web browser”. GhostShip is expected to launch later this month.
  • A new WebService which provides a one-stop shop service to help create WordPress and WooCommerce online store. Services include: Domain and Hosting consulting, installation of WordPress and WooCommerce, implementation of a premium layouts, logos, payment plugins to accept payment with ARRR and other crypto currencies, and more
  • A Privacy Education channel where best privacy practices are discussed, and useful articles gathered are shared
  • Pirate Chain’s participation in the Pirates Week Festival in the Cayman Islands.
  • Birthday celebrations, exchange listing updates, latest merchant adoption, Utrum, updated roadmap, and more

Read the update in full on Pirate Chain’s website, and join the Pirate discord for all the latest developments.

Fascinated by blockchain technology. Privacy advocate since forever with concerns over transparent ledgers in a cashless society. Coding in English (US) and Java at breakfast. Altcoin Maximalist

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