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RedFox Labs form Partnership with Cybersecurity Firm Hacken


The current landscape is rife with exchange hackings, nefarious characters and vulnerabilities – even within the code of highly respected technology such as the recent vulnerabilities discovered within Zerocoin.

It is because of this that security is of the utmost importance in this space and every precaution must be taken in order to protect the code and ultimately the users of a blockchain.

Today it was announced that RedFox Labs and Hacken have formed a strategic partnership for this very reason.

RedFox already have one of the most secure blockchain’s in the space as they are one of 55 project’s utilising Komodo’s dPoW security service. They now look to further their security by partnering with Hacken, a cybersecurity ecosystem ensuring the safety of IT companies and digital environments.

Hacken offer security assessment, secure software development and blockchain security. They are already partnered with highly established crypto projects and enterprises such as VeChain and AirAsia.

Hacken have a unique product they can deliver to their customers looking to strengthen their security called HackenProof. Businesses will post their goals and Hacken will use their community of ethical hackers who will look for vulnerabilities in the code in exchange for a bounty.

Ben Fairbank, CEO of RedFox Labs, had this to say on the partnership:

“RedFOX Labs, Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder takes security extremely seriously. Komodo has always had security as its first pillar and we extend that pillar as we use the same core tech. As we build enterprise level solutions we need to ensure that our code is audited and secured and that all APIs are pen tested and checked for vulnerabilities.

We searched far and wide for a cyber security firm that could partner with us for all of the companies that we build and for all of the products that we release. We believe that nobody in the blockchain space has a better reputation for security excellence than Hacken.

Today we start what we hope is a long term partnership to protect us and our partners against the dangers of running a business on blockchain technology. This is one of our first mainstream partnerships and highlights our focus and dedication to ensuring our end users are safe and secure when interacting with any RedFOX Lab commissioned product or service.

In return for protecting the interests of RedFOX Labs end users, we will provide Hacken with open source access to products and services which may be of benefit to the users and customers of Hacken. We truly believe in building two-way relationships and ensuring benefits are gained by all involved as we share a vision of realising safe and secure blockchain mass adoption.”

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