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RedFOX Labs IEO First Round Sells Out in Under 20 Minutes


Just over a month ago you would have struggled to find many people who had even heard the name RedFOX Labs. However, yesterday on the 12th April at 2:00pm UTC, they successfully sold out their first batch of IEO tokens on Coineal in just 19 minutes.

Many within the community had initially dismissed this sudden rise in popularity of the IEO as just a phase or fad, however this cannot be said for Komodo-backed RedFOX who had no issues in having their first batch of IEO tokens quickly acquired by eager investors keen to retrieve their allocation.

What makes this feat even more impressive is how they outsold other IEO’s live on Coineal which have been running for weeks and are yet to come close to fully selling their allocated batch.

Many IEO’s are failing to sell their full allocation

Having formed a Media Partnership with RedFOX, The Daily Chain have been the first to bring you all of the breaking news and exclusive interviews with the team members of this exciting project.

Perhaps one of the key announcements that garnered the industry’s attention was when we reported that core team members JL777, lead dev for Komodo, and Kadan Stadelmann, CTO for Komodo joined RedFOX labs along with gaming superstar Arclegger of H1Z1 fame.

This truly signifies the intent and ambition of the project attracting such large names within the blockchain and gaming industry and it’s no wonder the IEO sold out in the manner that it did.

The second and final round of the IEO begins on the 17th April at 2:00pm UTC and there will 35,000,000 RFOX tokens up for grabs with a max of 10,000 USD for customer.

You can sign up for Coineal here to participate in this sale.

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