Second Nestlé – Carrefour partnership is proof of IBM’s blockchain platform’s Utility


The IBM Food Trust, IBM’s blockchain-based food traceability platform, went live after 18 months of Testing. The platform allows fresh produce to be monitored throughout the entire supply chain, thus enabling us to verify the authenticity of the food. 

The platform is specially designed for the retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers to be used on a daily basis and cost $100 per month for small businesses, $1000 for medium businesses and $10,000 for business giants.

This launch marked the first ever large-scale deployment of an enterprise blockchain network. Retail giant Walmart already announced in September that it would require all its suppliers to start using this system to track vegetables.

One of the first to adopt the IBM Food Trust platform was Carrefour, the French retailer with 12,000 stores across 33 countries, cooperatives Topco Associates and Wakefern – which combine to represent more than 15,000 stores globally – and suppliers BeefChain, Smithfield and Dennick Fruit Source. Laurent Vallée, General Secretary of Carrefour said:

“Being a founding member of the IBM Food Trust platform is a great opportunity for Carrefour to strongly accelerate and widen the integration of blockchain technology to our products in order to provide our clients with safe and undoubted traceability.”

Another big name that is involved with the tracking platform since its inception is, Nestlé. The company has been a vital part of the IBM Food Trust. In April 2019, Nestle joined hands with Carrefour to provide customers with the ability to track Mousline Puree through the supply chain.

Today, Nestlé and Carrefour are working together once again as they now allow customers to check the authenticity of a range of baby milk products using IBM’s platform. Following the successful pilot with the Mousline puree, this is the second product in the line of service.

Customers will be able to find various information about Guigoz © Bio Two and Three infant formula using their smartphones by scanning a QR code. As per a report from Yahoo France, representatives of the company have recently spoken about the various benefits of IBM’s platform and how it has enhanced the transparency of the supply chain. They also spoke highly of the ease with which every customer could access all the information about their product.

Blockchain has emerged into various sectors and is no longer just a solution. The supply chain industry is just one of the many that are exploiting the benefits of this emerging technology. With the likes of IBM and Microsoft working for the development of this industry, more of the big names are likely to join in.

Anna Larsen
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