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Constellation’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Wyatt Meldman-Floch has been off the grid for a while, silently grinding in the background to bring Constellation forward by introducing new technological advancements that further distinguish Constellation and DAG from the competition. 

Wyatt has recently ‘surfaced’ and broken the ice by creating a blog post revealing a number of cool and exciting updates regarding protocol development. Constellation has always been a cryptocurrency project that was built from scratch with no short cuts. Nothing has changed in this regard. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the new Constellation tech updates. 

Tackling scalability 

Constellation Network exists to use cutting-edge technology to transform Big Data. As it stands there is no standardized protocol within this area. For a protocol to succeed here it needs to be able to integrate with any available application, it needs to be highly resilient and secure and it needs to function properly on any machine.

Think about the internet – it’s a network that works across the entire globe on any device. A smartphone, a laptop, a TV. Even fridges can connect to the internet now. One of Wyatt’s main points is that a standardized protocol needs to be able to flexibly scale with devices over time, much like the internet has done. This is then used to explain that blockchain scalability is measured in transactions per second, which Constellation believes to be wrong. Scalability isn’t just a simple number.

This brought on the goal of integrating blockchain data into existing systems while respecting the relevant industry methods of scalability. As a result of this, an improvement was found that makes Constellation horizontally scalable, meaning scalability is proportional to the number of nodes and the blocksize – a huge milestone achievement for the network. 

This is what I’m most proud of. This is a fundamental reformulation of the limits of a decentralized global network. 

Wyatt Meldman-Floch, Constellation CTO

Double spent protection improvements

In cryptocurrency double spend protection is vital. It ensures the overall integrity of the network by guaranteeing that no malicious users can mint new tokens by sending conflicting transactions. If someone was able to do this it would massively devalue the network. 

Constellations existing double spend protection had to be entirely re-implemented to achieve double spend protection in a scalable manner. The main focus was minimizing the data sent over the network to maintain protection while optimizing throughput. 

Over the last few months the team has been implementing a new double spend protection approach which successfully scales with the horizontal scaling network. For the techie people out there, this is achieved using a definite topological order between transactions. If you don’t know what that means, just know that it works very well. 

In this video demo you can see the double spend protection in action. You can see that Constellation is able to perform consensus rounds in parallel, achieved by implementing a topological ordering between the transactions created for any specific address. 

It’s explained that a transaction reference is created with reference to each previous transaction which is then used when creating a hash for validation, preventing double spending and allowing Constellation to confirm consensus is parallel. 

Reputation model and cluster alignment 

The team has created a data migration pipeline for nodes to send their data to the block explorer, which was achieved by taking a localized test-environment onto a decentralized network. 

A load balancer was also implemented which optimizes wallet and exchange integration – a necessary and important step for the growth of the Constellation Network. The path is now clear to onboard further node batches after the mainnet swap.

Future tech development for DAG

These changes have laid the foundations for further updates that are even bigger and better. The Constellation team is determined to continue improving and fine-tuning the protocol and to grow the network.

Learn more about Constellation here.

*Disclaimer – Constellation are our Media Partners and therefore this content is sponsored by them. The fees paid by this project are used to pay for The Daily Chain salaries, dev work, hosting services, travel expenses etc.. that are required to make this company a success and continue to provide the community with great content on a daily basis.

Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now. He currently works in the marketing team for Liquid, one of the leading crpytocurrency exchanges.

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