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SynQ, a leading crypto forecasting platform, is pleased to officially announce the SynQ Free Weekend, in which anyone can sign up and use a SynQ PRO account (valued at $500/mo) for free from August 16-19. Customers will be able to track up to 6 different cryptos of their choosing, and receive highly accurate predictive analytics, plus a treasure trove of helpful data to tell the story of where price action is likely to occur. SynQ’s first free weekend in July opened as a huge success, so we decided it was time to give everyone another chance to utilize everything SynQ has to offer. After over 150,000 price projections, and counting, SynQ is currently over 80% accurate in successfully hitting each price target within their specified time frames. You can visit the SynQ website here.

“SynQ was built with the retail market in mind. We are attempting to be the first company to deliver accurate predictive analytics and crypto forecasting to the retail market, at scale, because if anyone deserves this kind of power, it is the consumers that make up the backbone of the cryptocurrency market. Keeping this technology to ourselves was out of the question from the beginning, and our mission is to help those who are trading for their own salaries, for their families, for profit, and even for fun. By announcing our second SynQ Free Weekend, we will allow traders to get a taste of a highly accurate predictive analytics and turn them into believers of our product. We feel this is revolutionary, and we hope the retail market recognizes the power we are handing them. SynQ truly can help take the confusion out of trading cryptocurrencies and tracking markets.” says Enrique Guittierrez, CEO and co-founder of SynQ.

Crypto Forecasting is a growing, yet nascent, market and SynQ aims to maintain its position as leader amongst the crowd. SynQ is built upon using a “business intelligence mindset”, meaning it factors in consumer, sentiment, and financial data, in that order. Consumers move the market, and SynQ recognizes the raw power of the masses within the market. By utilizing more than just your average financial algorithms, SynQ is able to paint a wide and accurate view of the market, and deliver tens of price projections for each cryptocurrency in the Top 100, every single day. With 80%+ accuracy overall, this technology has the potential to positively impact thousands of traders, and their wallets.

About SynQ

SynQ is the first crypto forecasting application built for the retail cryptocurrency trading market. Founded in 2018 by a group of business intelligence experts focused on the cryptocurrency market, SynQ is a crypto forecasting application, based on fundamentals of business intelligence, that deciphers large amounts of consumer, sentiment, and market data, and creates highly accurate predictive analytics for cryptocurrency price action with the goal of helping retail and investment fund classes of consumers. SynQ will continue its goal of delivering accurate predictive analytics to the market at scale, by working with retail and institutional clients to improve our predictive analytics and broaden our use case. SynQ is currently partnered with BK Coin Capital. Visit to learn more.

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