HASHR8 Privacy Coin Reviews: DERO

Project Name: Dero Project Coin Ticker: DERO Market Cap: $5,969,891 (As of 18 February 2020) Exchanges: Kucoin, TradeOgre Mining Algorithm: CryptoNight v1 (Custom CPU-only mining algorithm coming soon) Block Time: 12 seconds Funding: ...

HASHR8 Privacy Coin Reviews: Arrow

Project Name: Arrow Coin Ticker: ARW Market Cap: $119,851.81 (as of 13th February 2020) Exchanges: SafeTrade Mining Algorithm: Equihash 192,7 Block time: 45 seconds Original code base: Zcash (BTC) Founder’s reward or analog: 4.8% for ...

HASHR8 Privacy Coin Reviews: Veil

Project Name: Veil Coin Ticker: VEIL Market Cap: $2,438,606 (as of 10th February 2020) Exchanges: Vinex, STEX, Crex24, Probit, TXbit, Bisq, Graviex, Bitmart, ChainRift & reflextrader Mining Algorithm: Mainnet — X16RT, ...

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