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Technical Analysis: Drawing S/R Zones Using Line Charts


Technical Analysis: Drawing S/R Zones Using Line Charts

We welcome White Wolf Trader back on The Daily Chain as he discusses his thoughts around Support and Resistance zones on line charts.

Drawing S/R Zones using Line Charts

Be sure to read the description of this video here for additional commentary, corrections, and explanations.

About White Wolf Trader

1. This video is intended for educational purposes only. Do not make financial decisions based on my content. I am not a financial advisor.

2. I do my best to explain concepts and strategies as accurately and clearly as possible; but, my knowledge is limited and I sometimes make mistakes. Always DYOR.

3. If you’d like to support my content, you can do so via the following address: BTC: 1BVdwUkFgzcpFvo9PfcJQTBqLB4GwA4bMR

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Alex is the Founder of The Daily Chain and has been in the space for just over two years. Fascinated by the community and everything that blockchain has to offer, Alex dedicated himself to creating content and contributing back to the industry.

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