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The Best Crypto Tools – A Guide to Being Prepared


Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, the world of Crypto moves so quickly that if you blink you just might miss a major update or news event. This guide will help keep you prepared with some of the best Crypto tools in the industry and point you towards some must haves in any investors arsenal.

The world of Crypto is rapidly evolving with around 2500 coins expected to be currently circulating according to CoinLore. The amount of new projects entering the space is rising exponentially as there were only around 1600 on the 19th August 2018. 

Not only is the sheer amount of projects hard to keep up with, the 24/7 nature of Crypto means that if you miss just one day of news and updates then you can feel like you’re falling miles behind and in desperate need to catch up.

In order to help you stay organised, there are a number of websites, apps and tools that you can bookmark or download that will empower you to stay in control of your efforts in the Crypto industry. 

Below are a few key examples of these tools and how to utilise them effectively:


CoinMarketCap is perhaps the most well known and famous website among Crypto investors. Everyone should be familiar with the basic layout and will have seen this screenshot at some point down the line:

CoinMarketCap Top 10

It’s a really quick reference for seeing how well coins are performing in the last 24 hours and over the last 7 days which will easily give you an idea for market sentiment. 

A handy feature that not all people will know about is the “Gainers/Losers” option which can be found under “Rankings”:

CMC Gainers and Losers

This feature allows you to see which coins are performing the best or worst in the market on a time scale of 1 hour, 24 hours or 7 days. 

CMC Biggest Gainers

It’s worth pointing out at this point that not all projects are listed on CoinMarketCap. For something to be listed on CMC then it has to be achieving a certain level of volume for a set period of time. If you can’t find the project you are looking for then you should try CoinGecko instead as this has some lower capped coins listed.

One last helpful CMC tip involves finding a coin pairing on an exchange. In the below screengrab we are looking at Tomochain. If you click on the TOMO/BTC pairing URL for Kucoin for example it will take you directly to that trading pair on the Kucoin website. It took me a while before I knew you could do this!

Tomochain Coin Pairs
Tomochain Kucoin


Second up we have CoinMarketCal – a calendar styled website that allows you to pick a project and see the future announcements/updates/events of that particular project.

In the below example I have selected “WAVES” from the coin drop down and have been presented with a list of major milestones for the project and with their exact dates. 

WAVES Coinmarketcal

The biggest tip here is to review the “real/fake” option at the bottom of the event and check the percentage. You can also click directly on the “Proof” button which will take you through to the announcement from which the event was added to the site.

Another helpful trick you can do here is line up these calendar events on a chart so you can begin to map out potential pumps in a coins price as it leads up to a certain event. This way you can try and see whether the price has been factored in and whether you should expect any sort of “mainnet” style dump that we are familiar with in the industry. 


Everyone who charts should be familiar with TradingView, however did you know there’s a charting tool that’s dedicated only to cryptocurrencies?
Coinigy has all of the features of TradingView however it has an abundance of coins that you won’t find there. A lot of the features remain the same and the tool is very versatile and customisable. On the left hand side of the below screen grab you will see the list of exchanges and coin pairings that are available to chart:

Coinigy BTCUSD

For a tutorial for beginners, please check out this video that I created that highlights the basics of this tool. Please excuse the funky outfit as this was a stage of being pre-doxxed!


If you are even struggling to find your coin on even Coinigy, then you can try CoinTrader.Pro. This tool features many exchanges that aren’t accessible on Coinigy or TradingView such as TradeOgre. Below we have an example of a chart of DERO. Be warned there is a slight delay on the data coming through here:

Dero Chart


Another tool that you will have undoubtedly seen screen grabs from if you spend a lot of time on Crypto Twitter is Coin360. This gives a really quick overview of the general market:

Coin360 Main Screen

They also some additional features much like CoinMarketCap’s biggest gainers and losers. Below you can see the biggest gainers for the day and the timeframe can be changed here with the option of having a custom date:

Coin360 Biggest Gainers


If you’ve often heard of MasterNodes but never really had a good idea of how to run one or what the rewards are then you can check out MasterNodes.Online. 

This handy website will show you a list of all available MasterNodes which you can sort by ROI, MasterNode worth, volume etc..

Masternodes.Online Main Screen

This will give you a great top level overview of how much a MasterNode costs and what rewards you can expect to bring in. 

When you select a MasterNode you will be taken through to a new screen which shows you the rewards broken down by day, week, month and year. Below is an example of the most well known MN – DASH:

Masternodes.Online Income

A very cool feature which some may not be aware of is the “Monitoring” tab at the top of the page:

Masternodes.Online Monitoring

Using this part of the site you can enter the information from all of the MasterNodes you are currently running and it gives you an amount of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly income for the combined price of the MN’s. The price is also live so this fluctuates with any price movements:

Masternodes.Online My Masternodes

Good Luck
Although these tools will be familiar with many of the people reading this, I hope you have learnt something new or maybe picked up one of the hints or tips that you weren’t aware of before.

What do you think are the best crypto tools? Leave a comment on our Twitter page for us to respond to!

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