The Community Quiz: Eterbase Exchange ($XBASE)


The Community Quiz: Eterbase Exchange ($XBASE)

*Note – This quiz has now ended and the winners were announced on 12th November.

Welcome to The Daily Chain’s third edition of The Community Quiz.

In this series we will be giving our readers the opportunity to be winning some tokens sponsored by the highlighted project.

All you have to do is find the find the answers to the questions in the Blockfyre report below to be in for the chance to win!

This week’s Quiz is hosted by Eterbase.

The Blockfyre Report


The Quiz

Welcome to your Eterbase Quiz

Eterbase is an EU Compliant exchange based in which Country?
Who have Eterbase partnered with in order to provide free liquidity provision?
What is the name of Eterbase's anti-inflationary hybrid stablecoin?
How much Crypto is USD has been stolen from exchanges in the last 8 years?
What are the top two issues for exchange users?
Which world renowned law firm recently published a 15 page report confirming that XBASE was not a security?
Which Eterbase feature allows the facilitation of utility token purchases for enterprises?
How much FIAT in EUR backs the EBASE stablecoin?
Which of these are true about Eterbase's Negative Trading Fees?
What is the percentage that a referee will receive on trading fees for a referral?
Where does Eterbase rank for having the fastest API and lowest fiat withdrawal fees out of Binance, Coinbase and Gemini?
What utility does the XBASE token have?
What is the current circulating supply of XBASE?
Please enter your Twitter handle in the box below:

Thank you for participating!

The winner will be announced within the week on Twitter so be sure to follow us for the announcement!

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*Disclaimer – Eterbase are our Media Partners and therefore this content is sponsored by them. The fees paid by this project are used to pay for The Daily Chain salaries, dev work, hosting services, travel expenses etc.. that are required to make this company a success and continue to provide the community with great content on a daily basis.

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