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DigiByte (DGB) is a global blockchain focused on cybersecurity for digital payments since 2014. DGB are digital assets that are mined through a combination of cryptographic algorithms with the intent to minimize mining centralization and maximize difficulty stability while reaching consensus at speeds as fast as 15-second block timings.

To support this, DigiByte has 5 different mining algorithms that all simultaneously mine DigiByte blocks. This way not only the speed of DigiByte is ensured, but also the different algos run on different types of hardware which prevents mining centralization. DigiByte also currently scales on chain from 560 transactions per second how this will rise to over 250.000 transactions per second in 2035, without the need for a centralized Lightning network.

Focused on securing data and pioneering new innovations, the team behind DigiByte are always forward thinking and have learnt to add upgrades, features and improvements in order to stay ahead of the curve for the last 5 years.

There are now a number of key products that they provide such as Digi-ID, a secure way to log into websites and applications using a QR code which nullifies the need for a username and passcode.

Having been in the space for so long, DigiByte have now amassed over 15,000 Nodes and the currency is now used in over 80 countries across the globe and growing.

An introductory promotional video for DigiByte can be found below:

In Conversation

I sat down with Rutger, part of the DigiByte Awareness Team, to talk about the project and how they have evolved over the years.

When did you first hear about Crypto and what was it that drew you into this space?

My name is Rutger and I am part of the DigiByte Awareness Team that spreads the awareness and knowledge of DigiByte across the globe.

I first heard about Crypto in about 2014 when I tried out Bitcoin, Litecoin and later Ethereum. Exchanges where relatively hard to access and use and there were not a lot of options for wallets. Communities where very small and there was hardly any exposure.

I was drawn to the space because I am mesmerized by the decentralized nature of block-chain and the concept of corruption less money that can not be printed at will, looks like a way out of the ever rising debts and inflation that fiat run into.

What is your background and what was the driving force behind joining DigiByte?

My background is from IT, so for me it was very easily to appreciate the concept of a 100% decentralized and globally distributed network that is only governed by cryptographic mathematics. First I tried to contribute to the Bitcoin community, but I quickly found out that it is very closed and full of drama and politics.

When I discovered DigiByte it was like a summer breeze of fresh air! It has all the elements of decentralization and an organic growth pushed by a community that is open and willing and working as one and in my opinion is based on very solid technology, even better than Bitcoin! There were no whitepaper broken promises, but a real working, years proven battle hardened 100% decentralized globally distributed proof of work UTXO blockchain and crypto-currency!

There are over 2000 different coins and tokens in this space, but the ones with a real blockchain behind them are rare. DigiByte is one of these, just like Bitcoin and Litecoin. I quickly discovered that there is a place in the DigiByte community for anyone that is willing to give a positive contribution to DigiByte, no matter how big or small. The decentralized dream is a reality with DigiByte! From that day on, there was no way back.

What  was the driving force behind starting DigiByte?

The DigiByte blockchain was founded in 2014 by Jared Tate who was also mesmerized by Bitcoin. No matter how great Bitcoin is, he also quickly discovered some major flaws in the design of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The biggest issues are on lack of speed, scaling and the dangers of mining centralization.

DigiByte started actually on the code basis of Litecoin, not as a fork, but as an independent blockchain. In the course of several years, there where big improvements made. With MultiAlgo, the one mining algo was replaced by 5 independent mining algos. This not only makes sure that the mining is decentralized and spread over different types of hardware like ASIC, CPU, GPU, but also enhances the security against a 51% attack on the blockchain by a malicious miner!

Next to that the real-time difficulty adjustment was added to prevent attacks by sudden changes in mining hashpower. This technique was adopted by a lot of other blockchains and saved them from dying out all together.

Then the DigiSpeed upgrade included fundamental research by Microsoft on the block-chain propagation times that are possible. This has led to the insane speed of DigiByte! Within 1 second wallet to wallet transactions and 15 second block times. Also DigiByte scales on-chain very beautifully. At the moment 560 transactions per second are possible on chain. These combinations makes the DigiByte Coin the ultimate merchant and payment coin, it can actually be used in the real world!

2018 was a tough year for the Crypto market. However, from a tech perspective, we witnessed even more innovation and advancements than ever before. Can you talk about the progress Digibyte has made over the last year?

Oh yes, this is one of the beauties of having a true decentralized block-chain! No matter bear or bull market, DigiByte keeps on being developed and spread. There is no organization that needs to be paid or can go bankrupt. So also in the 2018 bear, there where a lot of important innovations on DigiByte.

The mobile wallets were released on Android and IOS. You should try it out, as it is one of the best mobile wallets in the crypto space! Fast, easy to operate and with a real nice design. And it is translated in 55 different languages, covering 95% of the world population! Next to that, the Dandelion privacy protocol was deployed. This is a real nice way of keeping your IP address safe when doing transactions. Yet another advantage over Bitcoin, next to speed and mining security and scaling.

2018 was also the year of spreading DigiByte integrations all over the world and in the crypto space. DigiByte is now supported by 24 official and 3rd party wallets including all the big names Like Trezor, Exodus, Ledger, Bitfi, Coinomi, Abra and Jaxx. Check them all out at:  Also over 100 exchanges over the world now carry DigiByte. And this number is growing daily, expanding in China lately!

Another one of the major innovations of DigiByte in 2018 was the introduction of Digi-ID. The importance of this state of the art cryptographic authentication technology cannot be overstated! It replaces the need for usernames and passwords and replaces the login with an unbreakable cryptographic login. It protects your identity and prevents your usernames and passwords to be stored on servers you don’t have control over and that are hacked all the time, exposing your username and passwords to hackers! It further protects you by also acting as a two factor authentication. You use your phone with the DigiByte wallet, Coinomi Wallet or the standalone Digi-ID app to validate your login. Check it out at:  you will be amazed!

Finally a partnership with Antum-ID was made. They took the Digi-ID technology to yet another level by creating web browser plugins for all the major browsers to support Digi-ID login, even if the website doesn’t support it. This way you can securely login to Facebook, Coinbase or Binance. Check them out at: They have more in store for us in the future!

Digibyte is the oldest UTXO blockchain in the ecosystem having been operating for the last 5 years. Can you touch on how you’ve had to adapt over the years to constantly innovate and produce new use cases for $DGB to stay ahead of the curve?

DigiByte was been founded from a clear vision; to solve a lot of security issues we have today. That is why DigiByte has been building for 5 years on its foundation and will continue to do so! Creating DigiShield, MultiAlgo, MultiShield, DigiSpeed, Dandelion, Odocrypt and DigiAssets are all essential  building blocks for DigiByte to become one of the most important decentralized public block-chains of the world. Giving answers to issues of decentralization, security, speed, scaling, privacy and preventing mining monopolies that other blockchains have not addressed. The future will bring more innovations to give solutions of problems in the future. Also DigiByte is now really ready for the third layer: building on top of the DigiByte blockchain.

The Digibyte Genesis Block Hash contains the headline “USA Today: 10/Jan/2014, Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers”. Has it always been your intention to develop products such as  to help solve issues with privacy in an ever digitalizing world?

At this moment DigiByte offers security in monetary transactions. The DigiByte Coin cannot be counterfeited nor transactions can be stopped, reversed or manipulated. It is truly decentralized, immutable and permission less, and now also private with Dandelion. Next to that DigiByte offers Digi-ID, as explained above that offers 100% security in authentication. And prevents your username and passwords to be exposed. Also DigiByte offers a great way to ensure the authenticity of any digital file by securing its hash on the DigiByte blockchain. One great example of this is the brilliant company V-ID.

They know how to create real working use cases on public blockchains! You can create a checksum hash of any document, will, contract, documentation of authenticity, diploma, whatever document that has the need of being sure it is the original – and V-ID puts this hash on the DigiByte block-chain. When you receive a document, at any moment you can validate its authenticity on the DigiByte block-chain! Real cool!

Also DigiByte will bring security to Digital Assets. Making it possible to issue Digital Assets as representations of real life assets. And ensuring the same 100% decentralized an immutable and permission less nature as with the DigiByte Coin transactions.

In the world of Crypto community is everything and Digibyte has perhaps one of the largest and most committed in the space. What does the DGB community mean to you and how have they helped shape the project over the years?

The DigiByte community is everything! We have over 150.000 followers on Twitter and a very active community. They consist of people from over 100 countries from all over the world that believe in the true decentralized nature of DigiByte and what good it can bring for the world. They are developers that build the DigiByte blockchain and wallets, people that do design, build websites. People that do events and go to summits to promote DigiByte. They make partnerships with companies for DigiByte use-cases, talk to exchanges to get listed. They help DigiByte get integrated in wallets.

There are several groups active, one important one is the DigiByte Awareness Team Another is DUN: the DigiByte Unlimited Network. They create really awesome DigiByte videos! Check them out on YouTube here.

There is also a grassroots movement to get DigiByte Accepted Here. If you accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and DigiByte as a merchant or online shop, you can register yourself at This is a rapid growing network of companies that accept DigiByte! It is founded by a DigiByte community member and is a nice example of the power of DigiByte!

Additionally the creation of which is founded by the DigiByte community. This is a real cool swap service where you can not only get DigiByte, but also other mineable coins. Also they were the first to implement Digi-ID as the login method! The great thing is that they give back to the communities by funding community wallets from there trading profits. So when you get your DigiByte here, you also support the DigiByte community at the same time! So the community is DigiByte and DigiByte is the community! Real decentralized power that is growing in an ever increasing rate! We are DigiByte!

What else can we expect from Digibyte in 2019? Are there many surprises around the corner?

The first thing that will happen is the Odocrypt upgrade in July 2019. This will introduce the Odocrypt mining algorithm. This is a very special algo that runs on FPGA hardware. Every 10 days it will morph its mining algo into a different shape. This makes DigiByte ASIC mining resistant, as the ACISs cannot be re-programmed like the FPGAs can be. This will even ensure the decentralization of mining of DigiByte now and in the future!

We urge everyone to upgrade their DigiByte desktop wallets to version 7.17.2 before July 2019 for this important upgrade!

Next to being immutable currency and solving security issues, DigiByte has also a vision of supporting the tokenization of the economy. By being able to create Digital Assets of real world assets, we will also be able to cut out the middle man for economic transactions on investing and funding in real life assets. You can issue DigiAssets on the DigiByte block-chain and have the same immutability and protection against counterfeiting as with the DigByte Coins.

I will give you one example. For instance you own a hotel complex with 50 rooms and you want to attract investors for your hotel. You could issue for instance 10 Hotel room assets per room, 500 assets in total and sell them at a certain price. Each Hotel room asset then will give right to a certain percentage of the profit of the hotel. You can pay this profit percentage in DigiByte to the address of the holders of each of the assets. So holders can sell their assets, or buy additional assets and you will still be able to pay out the profit. This will revolutionize the investment and crowd funding economies for sure!

The use cases for this will blow our minds in the future. And can only be done on a truly decentralized public block-chain that is years long proven and battle hardened. And have the speed, scaling and features like the DigiByte block-chain has! DigiAssets are now live on the DigiByte block-chain and will be available in the future from the Mobile DigiByte Apps!

Next to that we can expect new partnerships, integrations and new listings of DigiByte in 2019 – watch this space!

If someone wants to become part of the DigiByte movement and communities, what would be the best way to do so?

The great thing about DigiByte is that it is decentralized and permission-less. Any positive contribution to DigiByte and its economy and ecosystem is highly appreciated by the community, no matter how big or small.

A good place to start will be Telegram so if you want to know more about DigiByte – want to build on it, design something, promote, use, get help or want to run a DigiByte full node, you can find like minded people at our Telegram groups!

I sincerely thank Rutger for his time and this amazingly detailed interview.

Alex Libertas
The Daily Chain – Inform. Educate. Succeed.

Further Reading

If you would like to learn more, you can find Digitbyte’s relevant information below:

Digibyte CMC


Blockchain Explorer


Social: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

Exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, Upbit, Abra, Coinbook, Vertbase

Click here for the full list of exchanges.

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