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The Daily Chain today announced that they will partner with elevateUX, a new UX consultancy firm headed up by CryptMalone. Elevate aim to improve the user experience for all in the Cryptocurrency space by providing services specially tailored to each individual project based on the product, stage of development and target audience.

Alex Libertas, Founder of The Daily Chain, had this to say of the partnership: “I’ve been working closely with CryptMalone since The Daily Chain launched in early February. Since our inception he has provided a multitude of reviews containing in-depth research and analysis on various projects UX and usability. His knowledge of UX is a great asset to this space as many projects have incredible technology but a poor end product which results in a bad user experience.”

He continues: “I am of the firm belief that blockchain technology will not achieve mass adoption without making each front end application as simple and easy to use for the everyday user as possible. ElevateUX are looking to solve this paramount and often overlooked issue and I couldn’t be happier for The Daily Chain to be partnering with them as we look to play our part in helping along mass adoption.”

Alex sat down with CryptMalone to discuss further:

Can you tell us a little about your background and experience?

So I started working in technology as an apprentice developer and was primarily learning Java in a classroom before helping out dev teams for the company I was working for. After the apprenticeship I was a dev for around two years before realising that it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I still wanted to work in tech and enjoyed front end work and user interaction much more so I pushed for a career change and starting my journey in UX as a User Researcher. My primary responsibility is to ensure that I communicate with users effectively to gain an in depth understanding of what their requirements are and how we can implement them into our services. I use a range of research methodologies such as focus groups and user testing to ensure that we get the most accurate data depending on our stage of development.

What was the driving force behind starting elevateUX and what do you aim to achieve?

I joined crypto over a year ago now and for the first six to nine months I was figuring out what my contribution to the space could be. When I realised there was a lack of focus around UX I knew I could transfer my knowledge and skills. I just had to figure out the best way to raise UX awareness and explain the importance of communicating with users, to these teams.

The aim at this point is to simply help as many crypto projects as possible improve their user experience. We offer a range of services so whether this be an expert product review, a UX article or a specifically tailored consultation, we want to provide exactly what is needed to help create a perfect product for the everyday desktop or mobile user. We want users to feel comfortable using these exciting products that are being built by teams. If they use a product and don’t even realise that it is powered by blockchain technology, then that is actually a huge achievement in my eyes.

However, the ultimate goal would be to look back at the blockchain industry in 10, 20 years time and say that elevateUX played their part in achieving mass adoption. That is what I will be measuring success against when looking at the bigger picture.

You’ve previously stated that you feel user experience is a key challenge in achieving mass adoption for blockchain technology. Can you discuss this in a little more detail?

Of course. So at the moment, user experience is quite clearly an issue in the space. Whether this is using a wallet, an exchange or any other product quite frankly. People are struggling to use these products and services because of how technical and unique they are. I think we need to remember that not everybody can use a computer or understand technology to the degree that many of us who are already in the space can.

I think a key factor to breaking this barrier down is by improving the user experience and this is because I have noticed that a lot of user interfaces are far too complex and overwhelming for average Joe to use. However, user experience is more than just the interface. As well as the design, it’s about the look and feel and it’s important to understand that other factors such as content contribute to this significantly. Average Joe doesn’t understand what a masternode or a ERC-20 token is and he shouldn’t need to either. It’s like a car engine, I have no idea how it works but I know I can rely on my car to get me from A to B and that’s all that matters.

We need to simplify everything as much as possible so the average user can understand what is going on and doesn’t feel overwhelmed. I realise that this is a big task for the industry as a whole but we must break down this barrier in order to grow.

You’ve already worked with some notable projects having most recently collaborating with Dragonchain on their new academy program. Are you seeing a shift in projects beginning to understand and accept the importance of UX?

Absolutely, many of the teams I have spoken to generally have a great understanding of user experience which is brilliant to see. I think more teams are beginning to understand that the end user isn’t going to be the developer (who is naturally going to much more tech minded). Teams are also understanding that user requirements can change and therefore making changes to the product or service is an iterative process even after a product has gone live. Now we just need to make sure that every team in the space shares this understanding and takes user experience seriously.

What is your ultimate vision for Elevate?

Like I mentioned earlier, I would love to grow elevateUX into something much bigger and look back in years to come at the contribution it made to the blockchain revolution. Being able to say that I seen a problem and found a solution is something I would like to be able to achieve.

In the meantime, being able to build a network of people who are passionate about improving the blockchain user experience is something I would love to do. Working alongside these like minded individuals and really making a difference is something I look forward to achieving over the years.

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Alex Libertas
Alex is the Founder of The Daily Chain and has been in the space for just over two years. Fascinated by the community and everything that blockchain has to offer, Alex dedicated himself to creating content and contributing back to the industry.

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