The Daily Chain Podcast: Episode 3 – Crypto Krillin


The Daily Chain Podcast: Episode 3 – Crypto Krillin

Welcome to the third episode of The Daily Chain Podcast, hosted by Mark Sugden, where we talk to prominent and key figures in the cryptocurrency space covering a broad range of topics.

Crypto Krillin

In this episode, Mark speaks with “Crypto Krillin” – a prominent trader on Crypto Twitter

In this podcast they talk about human nature in trading and investing, Bitcoin is the fastest way to financial independence, learning to read charts from the best and studying fundamentals.  

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Mark Sugden
Mark is what you would call a 'Fintech nerd'  Living in London, Mark was exposed to the Fintech revolution, with myriad businesses and concepts developing to disrupt the incumbent financial markets. Mark was naturally was drawn to Bitcoin & crypto as a concept, both from an ideological perspective as well as a consumer experience enhancement. As host of the Daily Chain Podcast, Mark's number 1 goal is to educate the listeners on the nascent market, and broaden horizons on developments in the space.

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