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According to statistics, more than half of the world’s population are sports fans. There are more than 4 billion football fans across the planet – almost doubling Cricket, the second most popular sport with an estimated 2.5 billion fans. These numbers are staggeringly large. 

The amount of eyes on sport every week is truly staggering. Take for example the viewing figures for the 2018 World Cup. Fifa claims that 3.5 billion people watched the 2018 World Cup, with more than 500 million tuning into the final. In 2019 Formula 1 was broadcast to 1.9 billion people. NASCAR pulls millions of viewers for every race. 

However, as it stands there is a disconnect between fans and their sporting heroes. It’s not particularly easy to stay up to date with your favourite teams and players. Switching back and forth between social media apps, websites and score tracking services just to stay in the know is all too common for sports fans – and that’s just to stay up to date. 

Diehard fans want to know everything about their idols and currently it’s not so easy to do. Furthermore, with the current structure of social media, sports fans don’t feel properly appreciated for their support. After all, fans are the vessel that keeps the industry breathing, yet most fans are left unrecognised for their unrelenting support. 

This is why IQONIQ has designed an all in one solution that aims to reward sports and entertainment fans and foster a deeper connection between fans and their idols. 

Introducing IQONIQ

IQONIQ is an entire sports and entertainment ecosystem where fans can follow their favourite sports clubs and idols, track all updates, be rewarded for their contributions and become part of a growing community. 

The IQONIQ team identified a gap in the market for a new platform that meets the needs of the fans and the clubs. As a result, they built a new place where fans around the globe can find everything they need to know about their favourite sports, teams and entertainers in just one place. No more chasing updates between different apps and websites – everything you need to know is right in front of you, ready and waiting. 

It’s not just a one way street either. Sports clubs and entertainers stand to benefit too from having an ecosystem where they can build a deeper connection with their fans and reward their loyal fans. It’s thought that gamified engagement incentives will enhance fan participation and therefore improve revenues. 

A new rewarding experience

The IQONIQ platform goes beyond a place simply used for tracking your idols. Users will be able to join a worldwide community of like minded individuals and interact in new ways. For example, there will be games and competitions to be played alongside fellow fans that will aim to increase audience retention and add a new layer of fun to the viewing experience. 

In return for their devoted support fans will have access to a loyalty program which will give back to the most dedicated fans with discounts, special offers and the opportunity to win exclusive fan experiences such as meet and greets, box access and more. 

Fueled by blockchain and the IQQ token

These new benefits and experiences will be powered by blockchain and the IQONIQ token IQQ. This token will be the native currency of the platform and will be used to engage and reward fans on the platform according to their participation in the ecosystem. It’s important to note that not all of IQONIQ is based on blockchain. Instead, it is sparing used in the areas of the value where it will add value. Blockchain is used here as a real solution to improve the product, rather than as a marketing ploy. 

The aim of the token is to create a positive feedback loop. It will be used to incentivize participation because fans that provide more engagement will receive more rewards. This should in turn spur more people to join the platform to earn rewards, which will strengthen the ecosystem and further improve the product.

IQQ holders will get a number of benefits, including a revenue share. 10% of IQONIQ’s revenues will be diverted to the reward pool and active IQQ holders will be rewarded based on two factors: how engaged they are and how much they are holding. 

Token holders will also earn more loyalty points by holding more tokens and will have access to special discounts depending on how much they hold. The biggest holders will have the opportunity to access high value rewards to thank them for their support. This could be the chance every sports fan has been waiting for to meet their idol. Importantly, IQONIQ says that the IQQ tokens can be used from day one to earn benefits in the ecosystem, which is a welcome contrast from the usual cryptocurrency approach that involves over-promising and under-delivering.


IQONIQ was built to create a positive ecosystem which rewards the fans for being fans. The entire ecosystem is designed to be beneficial for everyone involved. The tokenomics are crafted so that IQQ contributors will feel valued, but also carefully planned to drive growth of the ecosystem. As a result, it aims to create a place where fans can build a deeper connection with their idols – which is great for both parties. 

*Disclaimer – IQONIQ are our Media Partners and therefore this content is sponsored by them. The fees paid by this project are used to pay for The Daily Chain salaries, dev work, hosting services, travel expenses etc.. that are required to make this company a success and continue to provide the community with great content on a daily basis.

Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now. He currently works in the marketing team for Liquid, one of the leading crpytocurrency exchanges.

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