The Many Faces of The Crypto Industry


The crypto community encompasses those from all walks of life and is completely agnostic to race, religion, sex or background. It’s made up of a collective of traders, investors, builders, coders and dreamers. Many believe that it will bring unimaginable riches and have life changing impacts on industries and sectors all over the world.

On the same token you also have the doubters, the naysayers and those who believe that this explosive growth of interest in the industry is fuelled by many just wanting to make a quick buck on “the next big thing”.

Whatever your stance on cryptocurrencies and cryptography, it’s hard to argue that we all operate in a space which often feels alive. Almost as if it has its own pulse. 

With such a large amount of people invested in the space, the general mood and emotions of the collective hive mind often sways with the conditions of the market. 

Those that spend their time getting their crypto fix from either Twitter or Telegram will see a noticeable shift in the atmosphere which is dependant on which way the bullish or bearish pendulum swings.

Have you ever noticed how on a day where all alts are up by 10% or more you see people posting screenshots of the top 10 from Coinmarketcap? The mood is high. People are laughing and joking and everyone’s happy. Whatever your chosen platform is you can guarantee it’s going to be a fun place to be that day.

However as we all are well aware, we are part of a highly volatile space that can see all of these gains and profits wiped away in less than 24 hours time.

The mood turns sour and people often get “salty” – a crypto specific term used to describe the general atmosphere of people wanting to start fights, get into arguments and take their frustrations out on others.

For me this is not surprising at all.

I recently ran a poll on my Twitter account to ask who has held a bag down to -95% and to my surprise, the amount of people who had was shocking.

Twitter Poll, Hodl
84% had held out of 865 votes

This fact alone tells me that education is still very much needed in this space if we are to protect investors and traders in the best way possible and it’s for this very reason that The Daily Chain was formed and operates.


Too much salt in the human body can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and even stroke.

Similarly, when the pressure cooker of crypto social media becomes a melting pot of losses, bad trades and bad investments, the atmosphere can turn toxic.

Accounts with high follower counts will turn against each other, arguing about who was right and wrong, who’s system works better, and why the other was telling their followers to long when they should have shorted.

Some will lash out at others and heated arguments can often ensue. 

It’s a strange atmosphere to be in and if this was your only exposure to the crypto industry, which it was to me for a long time, then you would assume that everyone is out to harm each other and the general crypto crowd was overly negative and sometimes hurtful and offensive.

But this is absolutely not the case.

My first crypto outing was with just a few people from the space, who I had never met before and only knew of one person beforehand. I went to a small pub in Covent Garden in London and ended up having the most amazing time with this group of like minded individuals.

Every meetup I’ve had since this first experience has been hugely positive and I’ve always come away with a smile. There’s nothing like talking with new people who share exactly the same positivity, enthusiasm and passion that you have for this industry.

Get Out There!

There are plenty of ways that you can find these events in your area and start to get out there and see the other side of the industry.


Fomohunt is a great resource for finding events in your location. If you head over to the events page you can type in your area and see what’s happening near you. You can also find other accounts that are going beforehand so you can speak to people before the event and not feel like a complete stranger when you arrive.

FomoHunt Events


Meetup is a fantastic tool if you’ve just moved to a new city or you’re looking to find niche communities within your current city. Simply type in your location and search for “crypto” or “blockchain” and you’ll most likely find a number of community based groups that are often free to attend. These are often organised by people in the city looking to find like minded people.

Meetup, London
Meetup events are often organised by the local community


EventBrite is also a good resource for finding local crypto and blockchain events. Some of these are free however most of these are professionally organised and so will be charging for tickets to get in. If you’re looking to network and don’t mind spending a bit of money to do so, then this site is worth checking out.

Eventbrite, london
Eventbrite has some great quality paid events

The conclusion here is that I encourage you all to get out and show your face at some of these events and meet like minded people who share your passion and beliefs.

The digital world is often a blurred representation of the real world and it’s always worth experiencing both sides of the coin. 

I hope you’ve found some value in this article and good luck!

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