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Thorchain aims to provide a deeply liquid, trustless, secure and decentralized liquidity network, which is highly scalable and interoperable. Eventually, Thorchain will allow for any cross-chain currency swaps and deploy a cross-currency payment network. Thorchain will be conducting an Initial DEX Offering of the RUNE token on Binance DEX on 20 July 2019.


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About Thorchain


Powering fast and low-fee digital asset swaps; enabling instant and liquid payments.

THORChain is built for cross-chain permissionless digital asset liquidity. Stake assets in liquidity pools to earn fees, swap assets instantly at open market prices, borrow and lend on any asset, and pay in any currency. The future is open, liquid and incentivised.

THORChain will first deploy a liquid and easy-to-use interface for Binance Chain and BEP2 assets – called BEPSWAP. This allow all the key technologies of THORChain to be refined and improved with real assets. 

THORChain will then deploy ASGARDEX – which will be connected to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, allowing permissionless asset swaps and staking. 

THORChain will then launch the Flash Network, anchored to the Layer 1 trustless price feeds, and with cross-network liquidity hubs for instant and reliable asset exchange across any network. 

In the final phase THORChain will launch the THORPayments ecosystem; a suite of end-user tools and hardware, enabling self-sovereign and trustless payments between customers and merchants globally.

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