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A community is a group of people that share the same interests, attitudes or beliefs. Communities are a huge part of the cryptocurrency culture. It’s an ingrained element which isn’t going anywhere – and for good reason. 

Cryptocurrency communities are very specific and niche driven. For example, pretty much every cryptocurrency has its own community of fanatics who believe it will be the next big thing. These communities provide enthusiasts a place to interact, socialize and learn. 

Communities are such a big deal in the cryptocurrency world because in this decentralized space there exists a deeper connection between company staff and their users, which ultimately creates a stronger bond and forms a community. Within these communities you can find inspiring amounts of passion. You’ll soon realize that these community members really care. It’s their desire to see the projects they support flourish. 

For the project team, crypto communities are extremely important too. By nature of the landscape in this industry, the community is your collective spokesperson and a valuable marketing tool. If you have a well spoken, professional and passionate group of people spreading positive messages about your crypto project, you appear well in this world. 

This is why Tixl has recently released a new initiative to improve the connection between themselves and the community, reward their loyal users and also spread the world so more people can learn about Tixl. 

Tixl Social Reward Program

This reward program is a scheme designed to reward those that support Tixl on social media. It’s very easy to get involved. All you have to do is hold at least 1 MTXLT and then sign up to join the Ambassadors program on the Tixl website. You will have to complete KYC if you didn’t do so during the MTXLT token sale and also authorise the Social Reward Program Twitter app. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Ambassadors can take to social media to spread the word about Tixl and in return they will earn points, which will periodically be converted into MTXLT and rewarded to the ambassador. 

Earning points for yourself couldn’t be easier. There will be different activities to do all the time, such as simply liking or retweeting a post on Twitter. Now as the program begins the activities will be numbered, but stay tuned because as the program progresses more and more opportunities will be added.

How much can I make?

For the first phase, which is running from April 1 to June 30, the total prize pool is 100 MTXLT, which is currently worth around $2,500. 

This prize pool will be divided between each ambassador that contributes towards this program. Each ambassador will receive a proportional amount of the prize pool based on their number of their accrued points, relative to the overall number of points earned by every ambassador. 

Future progress & endeavours 

The program is designed to be run in phases, with the first phase being from April 1 to June 30. There is no set end date for this program, but it is not expected to run forever. 

However, Tixl will be evaluating the effectiveness and performance of the program and will then consider licensing the software to other projects. This would grow the Tixl client base while enabling companies to improve their marketing. 

About Tixl

Tixl is a non-profit limited liability company which built a payment focused cryptocurrency with three key benefits: no fees, privacy and extremely fast transactions. The currency is called MTXLT but will be rebranded to TXL at a later date. 

MTXLT was developed because the team couldn’t find a digital asset that met the needs of everyone that was therefore suitable to become a global payment method. Tixl transfers the properties of cash into the digital world in a traceable manner, while at the same time fulfilling the need for privacy.

Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now.

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