TRON Overtakes EOS for Active DApps: Ethereum Still in the Lead


On January 11, 2020. TRON Foundation tweeted that it has managed to establish itself as the 2nd most-used platform for dapps developers, overtaking EOS.  

A recent report from DApp Market Review took a closer look at the state of DApps in the year 2019 and how the market has evolved. It showed that 1,955 new DApps came into being, making their total number well over 4,000.

Interestingly enough, Tron has overtaken fellow smart contract platform EOS for the first time, with a total of 637 active Dapps now supported. EOS network currently hosts 633 active Dapps.

According to the report, the lion’s share of Tron’s $4.4 billion total transaction value reportedly came from decentralized casino applications. 

However, it’s also worth noting that the transacted USD volume on the EOS network remains considerably higher compared to that of TRON. The former saw $6.1 billion of transaction volume, while the latter – $4.4 billion.

Technical Troubles Cause EOS to Slip Behind Tron

The dapps market report also shows that the EOS Dapp ecosystem started 2019 on the right note. Nevertheless, the frequent attempts by hackers to infiltrate EOS-based casino Dapps may have dulled enthusiasm amongst developers.

For instance, news agencies reported on one such hack that saw a casino smart contract flaw lose around $200,000 in EOS last year.

Such problems seem likely to have caused the abrupt change of fortunes that has resulted in Tron hosting more applications and having more active users than EOS.

Ethereum Dapps Still Rule

ETH continues to hold the leading position when it comes to both the number of active apps and the volume of transactions linked with Dapps. 

The platform currently hosts about 1,223 active Dapps, with the report showing that ETH had 668 new additions in 2019. That means that ETH saw more fresh applications in 2019 than are currently active on either Tron or EOS. Ethereum also boasts a superior transaction value of $12.8 billion, which is more than both EOS and Tron combined.

Even though the games are the most prevalent ETH Dapps with developers and users, the dAPPs report reveals that more than 90% of the total volume spent on ETH Dapps comes from decentralized finance and exchanges.

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