TRON takes a shot at Guinness World Record with Multi-Party Computation and Zcash support


Tron Foundation is the non-profit organization behind the popular cryptocurrency Tron (TRX). The organization oversees the development and maintenance of the Tron network. The foundation is dedicated to creating a decentralized internet and free content entertainment system by utilizing the blockchain technology.

TRONZ to make history

The team behind Tron is also known to make some innovative decisions and acquisitions. One such was the setup of the TRONZ team. The team consists of experienced TRON community developers with master or doctoral degrees in cryptography and computer science from world-renowned universities. TRONZ is a private initiative that is set to integrate Zk-SNARKs, the core privacy technology of Zcash (ZEC), in the Tron blockchain.

Zk-SNARKs is a non-interactive zero-knowledge argument, which can perform any computing efficiently.

A recent announcement from the TRON foundation states that the TRONZ team is close to achieving a new Guinness World Record. The team is developing Tron’s main chain anonymity technology and has recently completed the public testing and Testnet for the anonymous transaction, and in upcoming months we can see the launch of anonymous transactions in MainNet.

The goal of TRONZ is to introduce the privacy protocol to Tron smart contracts, allowing developers to introduce private data within them. The team also wants to offer a blockchain-based Multi-Party Computation (MPC) solution for private computing needs and is currently working on the MainNet MPC process, and will soon release the MPC Torch Project and anonymous transaction on MainNet.

An MPC is a technology that addresses privacy concerns by allowing more than one party to carry out the joint calculation on their input without revealing it to each other.

Earlier, Zcash had completed the sapling MPC process with 96 participants, the MPC torch project would be able to “break new grounds” as it would comprise of more than 200 members and would provide “fairer and more reliable parameters.” If successful, the project would be the world’s largest MPC with the highest number of participants. This according to TRON could be considered a Guinness world record.

Building over Zcash foundation

Tron is known for over-hyping to such an extent that its CEO Justin Sun has had to apologize to the community. It’s considerably early to rejoice about the launch of an MPC of such a scale that will “rewire the internet.” As of now, only 8 participants have joined the Mainnet and 200 is a long way to go.

Reports have revealed that a variety of repositories in the TRONZ project has been directly copied from the Zcash source code. It appears that all of the changes made by the Tron team were on the readme file, with no structural changes present in the master branch except for those made by the Zcash team in 2018.

TRON has been making great progress and has achieved quite a few milestones ever since the launch of its mainnet. As The Daily Chain had reported that the total number of accounts generated on the Tron blockchain surpassed 4 million in November. However, it still lags behind Ethereum as it is still preferred by the majority of developers.

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