V-ID Kucoin Listing: Interview with Pim Voets


Yesterday V-ID announced on their Twitter and Medium page that they had been listed on Kucoin with the VIDT/BTC pairing and trading would commence at 6pm, UTC +8. 

V-ID had initially promised on their roadmap a top exchange in Q3 and on the last day of the quarter stayed true to their word. This listing aims to bring an influx of liquidity to the pair for traders and investors alik

Pim Voets, Co-Founder, stated in their announcement that there had been “some incredible work behind the scenes from team members from both companies”

The listing news comes as the first of a whole week of announcements that was promised by the team.

I sat down with Pim to discuss this listing and more.

First off, congratulations on the KuCoin listing! What is the significance for VIDT to launch on such an established exchange and what does it mean to the team?

“Included as a milestone on V-ID’s roadmap earlier this year, our aim was to get VIDT listed on a top exchange by Q3 2019. Now, after some incredible work behind the scenes from team members from both companies, we can confirm that this milestone has been reached… a great feeling!

V-ID’s mission with VIDT continues to be aimed at adoption, exposure and availability. Listing on KuCoin is indeed a huge step for us and our mission.”

Do you have any words for the community on this listing?

“We are very excited to be listed on KuCoin, which is in our view the best home for VIDT right now, but also the first choice for many community members. Furthermore we would like to thank the superkind and cool team at KuCoin, who have been instrumental in getting all procedures done in time. We also discussed for them to visit the Netherlands to do a meet up together with as many major dutch blockchain players we can gather.”

This is quite the announcement to kick start your week of news events coming up. Can you give a brief overview of how you will deliver these news events this week?

“To celebrate the listing on KuCoin, we have news every day for the next 5 days. The topics are listings, clients and partnerships, B2C, VIDT Platform and Learn & Earn. Sharing good news is always fun, but I believe the combo of the news this week will really take VIDT to the next level”

Can you share with us any other surprises that people might expect from the week ahead?

“Just follow us and you’ll see 🙂

I can say that V-ID has been approached by a growing number of people from all kinds of sectors, who see new uses for V-ID’s validation and verification. The authenticity of data, which is a very universal matter, must be applied in specific use cases in order to work. Every context, whether it be medical, industrial or educational, comes with its own unique workflows and requirements. During the last year, we realised that our mission is bigger than us. The coming months are all about enabling others … I cannot wait to see how that will play out!”

I thank Pim for his time.

For more information on V-ID visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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