Vechain News: VeriArti Introduces ThorCommerce V.1 VET Payment Gateway


On Feb. 25, 2020, VeriArti, a blockchain-based platform that targets the non-fungible token (NFT) digital art market, announced it would launch a payment gateway that would make it possible for users to buy VRA credits with VET.

Based on the VeChain Thor blockchain, the payment gateway will be a payment alternative for crypto oriented users who wish to avoid exposing their name and address in a PayPal receipt. 

ThorCommerce V.1 will be an automatic Fiat to VET conversion tool that integrates into any WooCommerce shop. It will allow dealers to let a customer pay in VET, with their desired VET address or QR code, displayed, and their order updated automatically in their WooCommerce shop.

Merchants have the option to increase or decrease the % of VET needed related to their fiat cost, just in case they want to make a bit of profit or offer discounts for those choosing to use VET.

VeriArti has quickly become one of the most impressive community-founded projects, often grabbing headlines with their NFT creation suite for blockchain artwork and games.

VeriArti Driving Blockchain Adoption 

VeriArti has been at the forefront of blockchain adoption by allowing any community member or company to create a dapp without having to make their own smart contracts. 

More so, the blockchain startup has API routes allowing the creation and retrieval of user NFTs. So all they have to do is design their game, create their art, fill in a few forms to turn their art into NFT items, and then design their front-end around the game they so choose. 

By utilizing VeChain, a project with some of the most fervent support in crypto, VeriArti is developing a flexible API that allows a variety of functions to interact with the blockchain. 

VeChain Obtains A New Use Case With VIMWorld

Just last week, Vechain found a new use case in gaming, with The 8Hours Foundation launching the NFT game on the VeChainThor. 

VMworld is a non-fungible token ecosystem gaming platform that is designed to create a space where enterprise and gaming are equally beneficial.

The game was introduced on the VeChainThor to bring folks together for at least 8 hours a week excitingly and enjoyably, giving them the chance to engage in meaningful social relations. 

According to a tweet by the Vechain Foundation, the newly launched ecosystem will provide support for a multitude of games and services that utilize the 8Hours Token (EHrTs). 

With the deployment of Vechain in blockchain artwork and games, the network is fostering accelerated adoption in the crypto space.

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