Verasity GameStore Rewards Gamers & Targets Crypto and Mainstream Adoption


Great things happen when the cryptocurrency and gaming worlds collide. A huge percentage of the population loves gaming and studies show that gaming rewards enthrall users, encouraging them to continue playing and winning. 


Because they enjoy the game and they become additionally motivated when working towards a reward.

The iOS app store and Google Play Store do not tolerate games which provide their users with tangible, real world rewards or crypto rewards. This is a shame – based on research these rewards would enhance user experience and create a deeper bond between publishers and consumers. 

That’s why Verasity has built their own GameStore, to provide a vast library of games that can reward their users for playing and winning. Not only that, but Verasity is aiming to target non crypto users and seamlessly introduce them to the world of crypto and VRA tokens.

Introducing the Verasity GameStore

On 25th March Verasity released the first phase of their GameStore, which provides a new opportunity for communities, families and friends to come together and stay connected by playing with or against their connections. Take advantage of this new offering during the uncertain times introduced by COVID-19 and stay in touch with your loved ones, while having fun at the same time!

Browse hundreds of games on the Verasity GameStore with countless genres – there’s something for everyone. Continue your isolation and run through single player games or prove your worth in player vs player games. If you’re feeling particularly skillful you can even design your own tournaments, invite your friends and show them who’s boss. 

With the GameStore Verasity are projecting that they will be able to massively increase both the adoption of their VRA token and larger adoption of crypto as well. 

In the next phase of the GameStore you will be able to win or earn VRA from playing games or from beating competitors. Once this feature is added the GameStore will reach another level that gamifies the user experience and sculpts a community of passionate gamers that are highly skilled and keen to win. 

Hunting crypto adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption is a phrase commonly thrown around and it’s something that a lot of projects seek. Many enthusiasts argue that gaming could be the most logical crossover between two worlds, which could therefore be the bridge to kickstart crypto adoption.

Verasity are therefore aiming to use the GameStore as the conduit that will fuel cryptocurrency adoption. The road ahead is clear – entice gamers that aren’t crypto enthusiasts to use their platform because they get access to cool games that provide rewards. 

This is the important stage of crypto adoption. Targeting gamers that may have a propensity to explore crypto, they just don’t know it yet.

If it works, soon enough the larger gaming community will be interested in earning while they play and earning more as they win. As such, one would expect a positive feedback loop that drives a new era of gaming that is able to reward the gamers using tangible rewards, thanks to Verasity and the VRA token. 

Utilizing Verasity’s VRA for rewards and engagement will substantially increase our publishers’ reach and monetization. This is a great opportunity to expand into the cryptoverse!

Mark van Diggelen, CEO, GameZBoost

This is a huge opportunity for Verasity (VRA) which will now be utilized across hundreds of popular games with hundreds of millions of users and pageviews. VRA will become synonymous with rewarded gaming!

John Rankin, Co-Founder, Verasity

Start playing

Getting involved is easy, simply buy credits with VRA (VRAB) and pay as you play, or take advantage of the membership packages that can provide unlimited plays. All you need is a Verasity VeraWallet to get started. A fiat gateway is built in, so you can jump into the game as quickly as you like. 

Check out the explainer video below. 

What is Verasity?

Verasity is a leading provider of rewarded video player technology which is used by game developers and publishers worldwide. The proprietary, patent-pending technology allows these partners to build loyalty schemes and tokenized rewards using the VRA token into their product within a video player wallet.

More than 500 games are already using this technology in the Verasity GameStore. Developers can leverage SDK products that integrate directly with publishers which is great for everyone. It’s easy to integrate and it doesn’t change the user experience, so users cna continue their old habits but be rewarded for doing so.

Statistics show that engagement and revenue has increased on average by 35+% thanks to the innovative Verasity technology. How? Because the model creates an attention based ecosystem that is based on the VRA token that entices viewers and encourages engagement. 

Incredibly, last year Verasity publishers saw a strategic growth to 1.8 million viewers. Overall on average, that’s an engagement rate increase of 5 times driven solely by the adoption of the Verasity attention technology. 

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Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now. He currently works in the marketing team for Liquid, one of the leading crpytocurrency exchanges.

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