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V-ID is a blockchain project devoted to securing the validity and ownership of digital files or assets. VIDT, or the V-ID Token, is used to help secure such certifications and ownerships of things like creative work, legal documents, and documentation. VIDT is a token on the Ethereum network and listed on exchanges such as KuCoin, Eterbase, and Binance DEX. 

Last week, V-ID highlighted significant progress and development in their project endeavors by launching a campaign called #VIDTdays. This campaign showcased news and developmental progress over Twitter to let the public audience understand the latest developments with the Ethereum based token. Over the course of five days, a myriad of news unfolded:

V-ID Listing in KuCoin

The first day of #VIDTdays was introduced by making an announcement that the V-ID Token, or VIDT, would be listed on KuCoin to help spread trading availability. According to Blockfyre, trading began on the same day, offering users of the platform to buy and sell using the BTC pairing. This also gives a greater presence of V-ID as a growing project within the blockchain space. This first announcement provided a great opportunity for traders and users to have greater access to their projects’ token.

VIDT Platform

The day after the listing of VIDT on KuCoin, V-ID announced a software integration service called VIDT Platform. Through the use of API packages and service offerings, the VIDT Platform gives companies and business the ability to use the V-ID network to secure their assets. The design of the VIDT Platform allows users to be in control of the goods and services provided on their own method of business, in addition to using their own preferred programming language to integrate the API into their business operations. The VIDT Platform and inquiries can be found here. This announcement in addition to the Kucoin listing news provided an accompanying use case for users to utilize along with the V-ID Token.  

VIDT Business-To-Consumer (B2C) Beta

For the third day within the #VIDTdays campaign, the team behind V-ID announced a business to consumer (B2C) application that will allow consumers to directly verify the authenticity of a digital file or asset. The validation process and the app functionally is used by the consumer without the need for V-ID to handle your content directly. The announcement also makes note of full private features, easy-to-use process, unlimited free verification, and notary options. V-ID announced this in detail in a recent blog post. With this announcement, businesses are able to use VIDT B2C in addition to the VIDT Platform to help users secure their assets. 

Learn & Earn

After the announcements of KuCoin, VIDT Platform, and the VIDT B2C beta, V-ID posted a contest to help learn more about the V-ID project called “Learn & Earn”, which allows anyone to watch YouTube videos directly from the V-ID channel. The content requires sharing the video and tagging friends to help spread the awareness of what V-ID is doing, with additional rules to qualify. The contest lasts until October 10th. This content not only helps with providing a giveaway, but helps spread content-rich information about V-ID and what they are doing to help provide security in digital files and proper copyrighting in the digital age.

V-ID Network Partnerships

Last but most certainly not least, the final day of #VIDTdays was wrapped up by showcasing a host of new clients and partnerships, bringing more traffic to the V-ID network. Clients in the announcement include Waves, IBM, Vertbase, Trust Wallet, and more. This is important for the V-ID project because it shows how influential the V-ID project is in establishing itself as a prominent project in blockchain for asset protection, especially when such security and certification is at its most needed.

More details about V-ID can be found on there website, with updates on their company blog

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