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Over the weekend we hit a monumental milestone achieving over 10,000 users to the site since our inception just over two months ago. What started as an idea to educate and help guide the community has since blossomed into an amazing movement with many supporters and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to visit the site and read our content.

We are currently in a market where a lot of people will have suffered significant losses and have been negatively affected both financially and psychologically. Many will have bought the Dec/Jan highs and many, including myself, will have entered crypto with the promises of riches and wonders beyond our wildest imaginations.

The reality is that crypto is a treacherous landscape that is hazardous to traverse with pitfalls, traps and roadblocks along the way to trip you up and grind you down. There is misinformation, scammers and all sorts of nefarious characters and projects that are looking to make a quick buck at the expensive of inexperienced investors.

The Daily Chain was created to help the community avoid these pitfalls and to educate as many as possible in protecting their capital and making informed decisions.

To achieve 10,000 users in this short time period may seem insignificant to some but we have had no funding, no backing and no large accounts to help promote our content. Many of us are new to writing or have never produced content before and are just finding our way and beginning to hone our skills.

The result of this achievement is simply sheer gut and determination from a fantastic team of intelligent and talent individuals who are driven to succeed.

Community is everything in crypto and The Daily Chain is no different. I’d personally like to thank each and every member of the team for what they have contributed to the space to enhance and enrich others’ experiences. We forget in crypto that there are real people behind these accounts we see everyday, each complex and vivid in their character.

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Community forms the backbone of the crypto landscape and The Daily Chain is no different

The Team:

Satoshi Nakameowdough – An extremely kind and caring person who’s an expert in the Fintech industry and is always available to offer up succinct advice.

Fintech Daddy – An incredibly smart and gifted young guy who’s drive and commitment is second to none. A top trader.

CryptMalone – Another insanely talented and driven young lad who I have no doubt will be a huge figure in this industry for companies with his unique take and experience with UX.

Brad Laurie – Simply put, the hardest working person in crypto. Brad’s content is incredible and anyone who’s witnessed his videos can see the sheer amount of effort that he puts in on a daily basis.

Bagsy – A huge favourite with budding traders and rightly so. Bagsy has created one of the most talked about trading Discord groups in the space and his commitment, passion and drive to build one of the most successful trading groups in crypto is astonishing.

ChingasX – Everyone loves Chingas. He’s a top trader who also has an intense passion for education and always on hand to give excellent advice and help. His extended trading sessions on YouTube are a fan favourite.

Strong – Another extremely gifted writer on the team and his passion for seeking truth and honesty in the space resonates with many across the space.

BillyBobBagholder – Simply put. one of the best reviewers in the space. Easily digestible fundamental analysis is his speciality.

And the newer members:

Kristen Colwell – The best marketer in the space and has provided some much needed help and advice for The Chain over the last two months

Crypto Otsukimi – one of the most naturally gifted writers I’ve come across in the space. Can’t wait to share more of his content

C3PO – Another favourite across social media and for good reason. A great trader and fantastic knowledge of the space.

The Dragon – A content machine. His highly researched and detailed articles could make him a top writer in the industry.

Jack Donaghy – Another top trader with an emphasis on trading psychology providing much needed trading content.

Khilone – Easily one of the most liked figures in the space. His constant updates and dedication to providing content for the community make him a very popular figure.

Special Mention:

Scott Wehman – Scott proof reads all articles across the site and himself has impeccable writing skills. Always on hand to offer help and advice and just a general all round nice guy.

To the team, I thank you.

To the reader, take some time to read their content and help support these talented individuals.

The Daily Chain will continue to grow and evolve as we move further into 2019 and I’m glad you’re all on this journey with us.

Alex Libertas
Founder of The Daily Chain

The Daily Chain – The Leading Site for Unique and Informative Daily Crypto Content

Alex Libertas
Alex is the Founder of The Daily Chain and has been in the space for just over two years. Fascinated by the community and everything that blockchain has to offer, Alex dedicated himself to creating content and contributing back to the industry.

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