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Welcome to the second edition of We Simplify Tech’s Crypto Reviews.

We Simplify Tech are a new company focused on breaking down complex technical concepts and making them as easy to understand as possible.

In today’s edition we feature HPB – High Peformance Blockchain ($HPB).

About High Performance Blockchain

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a revolutionary permissionless blockchain architecture that combines HPB’s customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE), with high-performance blockchain software, enabling unrivaled scalability.

The High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) project seeks to address the problem of scalability from both the software and hardware aspect of things.

HPB combines a customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) with high-performance blockchain software. The addition of a hardware-based BOE, allows for high transaction speed and extremely low latency. The team claims that ‘there is no compromise in terms of security and decentralization, as the Node network verifies transactions worldwide and is comprised of a dual election mechanism combining the best aspects of voting and delegation’.

Taken from HPB.io and Coinmarketcap.

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About We Simplify Tech

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple”. That’s the mission of We Simplify Tech – To make complex tech accessible through simple infographs.

The vast experience of We Simplify Tech covers emerging and foundational technologies such as IoT, Cloud, AI, Robotics, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain or Industry 4.0 and more traditional fields like engineering and production processes & technolgies. This know-how was gained while working for various Fortune 500 companies like Magna, Saint-Gobain, Atos or Siemens and can be used to simplify a broad range of ideas & products.

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