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How YEAY and WOM are pioneering a new era of advertising


The world is becoming increasingly desensitized to modern day advertising as it becomes more predatory, sneaky or just downright frustrating. 

Amazingly, throughout all advertising phases and gimmicks the one product persuasion technique that never strays from the top spot is peer-to-peer recommendation. People are simply more likely to buy a product if they are directly recommended it by someone they know and trust. 

Everyday there are millions of product recommendations made online. Social media is full of people flaunting new purchases and tempting their network. Despite the effectiveness of these product placements, there is no real way to evaluate how genuine these recommendations are and monetize them based on their authenticity and performance… until now. 

WOM Protocol is leveraging blockchain technology to evaluate and monetize word-of-mouth recommendations made on any platform. In WOM’s proprietary system authenticators work to evaluate all word-of-mouth product recommendations on partnered platforms to assess the authenticity of the content. 

By embracing WOM the world could transition and abolish traditional, invasive advertisement. In its place would stand a new era of advertising where products are promoted based on their merits, not just for money. All recommendations, or ‘adverts’, would be authenticated to ensure they are fair and real so content creators wouldn’t be able to mislead to earn money. 

In the first step towards making this a reality, WOM have partnered up with YEAY

What is YEAY?

YEAY is the go-to social recommendation app for Generation Z. It’s a space for young people to discover and ride social trends, create product recommendation videos and be rewarded for their content creation. 

At present creators are rewarded in YEAY for releasing authentic, honest recommendations that are well received by the community. The rewards – YEAY points – can be saved up and used to get any product on the YEAY platform. 

WOM x YEAY partnership details

YEAY is the first application to be integrating WOM Protocol, kicking off the movement to turn the monotonous world of advertising into a place of trust and authenticity. 

It’s the perfect pairing. YEAY is a place for young people to discover fashion trends, new products and keep up with their favourite icons. YEAY is already designed to promote real, genuine product recommendations and in return content creators are rewarded for their work. On the other side, WOM Protocol is built to facilitate the goals of YEAY using blockchain to guarantee authentic product suggestions. 

Not only that, but WOM and YEAY both have a very similar initial target market: young consumers that are tech savvy and inherently sceptical of traditional advertising. 

WOM said it best: 

“‍‍Teens are natural-born content creators – and they trust each other’s content more than brands, influencers, and celebrities.

As digital natives that are hyper aware of inauthentic brand messaging, GenZ are the perfect first adopters of the WOM Token, which rewards honest recommendations.

By integrating WOM, YEAY is able to ramp up the level of trust between viewers and content creators thanks to authenticators and WOM tokenomics. Not just that, YEAY now has an entirely new revenue stream where there is no reliance on advertisements. 

Here’s a quick peak at how it works.

Authentication with WOM

Authenticators exist to evaluate every piece of word-of-mouth content. They are motivated by potential rewards and are penalized if they are wrong to ensure they judge content truthfully. 

Authenticators earn rewards based on the performance of the content they successfully authenticate. However, if they don’t assess content correctly they will lose a small financial stake – this keeps authenticators on top of their game to ensure they are making the correct decisions. 

Content creators receive creation rewards based on the result of their content’s authentication and the performance of their content too. 

For more insight into how the authentication process could change digital advertising forever, click here

Integrating WOM

WOM Protocol will be used to validate and authenticate content on the YEAY platform. The WOM token model will replace the current reward system with YEAY points. Creators will earn WOM tokens for their contributions to the platform. 

WOM will increase the authenticity of the content on YEAY and improve the reward distribution by paying out based on a number of content evaluation and performance metrics.

Goodbye ads

YEAY will be able to leverage WOM as a non-invasive revenue stream. This enables the platform to continue operations without alienating their users with intrusive adverts that degrade the quality of the service. 

YEAY now has access to a user centric revenue stream that enables the app to function and grow without any compromise on user experience. Other applications will have to continue to rely on traditional adverts to continue functioning, but YEAY will be different. They can create a real connection with their users and continue to earn revenue while providing a service that their users love with no compromises. 

This partnership is great for YEAY content creators, the users of the platform and YEAY themselves.

For more information on WOM Protocol see:

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